There are many different treatment options for prostate cancer. In order to help you to understand your options and to choose the treatment that's best for you, physicians and staff of the Maine Medical Center Cancer Institute, Maine Medical Partners Urology, and Spectrum Medical Group have developed this website. Below are links to helpful and reliable information about prostate cancer and its treatment. We hope this information will help you and your physician work together to make a well-informed and shared treatment decision, based on a good understanding of the options and of what's important to you.
MaineHealth Cancer Resource Center
Diagnosis and treatment information and links from MaineHealth
MaineHealth resources Whether you've been diagnosed with prostate cancer, are a prostate cancer survivor, or are caring for someone with the disease, it's important to get the facts and to keep moving forward with hope and determination. Please follow this link for more information.

Risk Calculators and Decision Aids
Resources to help you understand the potential benefits and harms of different treatments for prostate cancer.
Risk Calculators Men diagnosed with prostate cancer have many options. These are some decision aids and risk calculators that can estimate your risk for disease spread and recurrence. They will prepare you to talk with your doctor about your options for treating or monitoring your cancer.

Prostate Cancer Support Groups
A resource from the Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer.
Support groups This is a site that provides information and directions to prostate cancer support groups. This program was started by survivors of prostate cancer and their loved ones. It's a resource of the Maine Coalition to Fight Prostate Cancer.

Maine Medical Partners Urology Home
This is the home page of the practice.
MMP Urology Follow this link to go to the home site for the Maine Medical Partners Urology practice. It provides descriptions of the services offered and the conditions treated, the procedures performed by the program, biographies of the providers and patient experiences.

Spectrum Medical Group
Radiation oncology treatment for prostate cancer.
Spectrum Radiation Oncology The Spectrum Medical Group's Radiation Oncology Division uses cutting edge, multidisciplinary treatment methods to optimize curative and palliative care for prostate cancer patients throughout the state of Maine.

Maine Medical Center Cancer Institute
Prostate/Genitourinary Cancer Program home page.
Maine Cancer Institute The MMC Cancer Institute's Genitourinary Cancer Program provides multidisciplinary, subspecialty care in the diagnosis and treatment of genitourinary cancer to some of the largest patient volumes in all of New England. It brings together its specialists in medical oncology, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation to discuss their patients’ cases and plan the best care for them.

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